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Celebrations and festivals...

Find out about the celebrations, festivals, and special occasions that take place at different times of the year by different groups of people around the world.

Celebrations and commemorations
Find out about events that ours and other cultures celebrate.

Open the links below to find information and activities relating to celebrations from around the world.

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  • wickED Theme: Matariki
    Do the activities in this wickED Theme in English or Te Reo Māori.
  • Matariki
    Matariki, the Māori New Year, is an important festival that reflects New Zealand's bi-cultural heritage.

Têt Trung-Thu

Indian weddings


Halloween – 31 October

Make your own Jack o Lantern with ideas from these patterns.

Guy Fawkes' Day – 5 November

Parihaka Day – 5 November

Christmas – 25 December

  • Kiwi Christmas
    Find out what does Christmas means for New Zealanders. Look at pictures and a video about our attitude to Christmas, and watch a Christmas cards slideshow.


Chinese New Year

St Valentine's Day – 14 February

  • Valentine's Day
    Find out about the history and relevance of St Valentine’s Day.

Children's Day - March

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