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Commonwealth Games

Hey kids – get your teachers to check out these Commonwealth Games activities.

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The Commonwealth Games are held in a different Commonwealth country every four years.

Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018

In 2018 the Commonwealth Games will be held on the Gold Coast, Australia. Visit the website and find out what happens to prepare for and run this big event.

New Zealand resources

NZOC Social Studies resources suitable for years 8–10

Commonwealth Games social studies resources, aiming to meet the level 4 achievement objectives of the New Zealand Curriculum. They are designed with the following themes: sustainability, destiny, diversity, New Zealand excellence, venue Gold Coast, history, geography, plus medals and mascots.

wickED Interactives – Looking after our guests

Our athletes and their supporters will be staying in a city on the other side of the world. At times they will miss familiar things from home. Use these interactives to create a meal menu or an activity itinerary to make them feel well looked after.

wickED Themes

Learn to recognize all of the different flags that belong to the different countries competing at the Commonwealth Games. 
The World of Flags

Do the sporty activities in our theme:
Sports Extreme

wickED Cool Kiwis

Read interviews by these wickED Cool Kiwis who've participated in previous Commonwealth or Olympic Games.

NZ Curriculum Online

Check out these resources from NZC Online, Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games Federation

Go to the official Commonwealth Games website, read about the teams and the results.

New Zealand History online

These links and activities are about the history of the Commonwealth Games, especially New Zealand’s involvement in the games.
New Zealand History online

The New Zealand National anthems

New Zealand is has two national anthems of equal standing - God Defend New Zealand and God Save The Queen. Listen to and learn them in English, Te Reo Māori and NZSL.
National Anthems

Past New Zealand Commonwealth Games medallists

Select New Zealand from the map and find out about records at past Commonwealth Games including results by games, results by sports, and records.
Commonwealth Games Federation


Find out how which sports and activities are being contested in the Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games Countries

Explore the map to find out about the different countries participating in the Commonwealth Games.
Commonwealth Games Countries

Game On challenge

In 2013/14 over 1000 schools and organisations across the globe shared their "Game On challenge" – their stories of how the Commonwealth Games inspired innovative learning and forged partnerships within communities both home and abroad. Find out find out how each individual school or organisation was inspired by the Games.

Commonwealth Games History

Find out about the origin of the Commonwealth Games.

Resources from the National Library

Find resources from the National Library website.

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