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Rugby World Cup

Hey kids - check out this video of Otaki School kids doing a haka for the winning All Blacks.

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The international Rugby Union championship, the Rugby World Cup, started in 1987. The tournament is one of the largest international sporting competitions in the world.

Teams from 20 rugby-playing nations take part in the cup finals every four years.


Go to the official site of the Rugby World Cup, read about the teams and keep up to date with the results.

About the William Webb Ellis Cup

The winners will be awarded the William Webb Ellis Cup. This trophy is named after the man considered to be the founder of the game.

Learn the history of the cup:

The All Blacks

Find out about our players past and present.

The game of rugby

Find out how to play rugby and catch up with the latest news on New Zealand rugby.

The Haka

The haka is a part of both All Black tradition and legend. Listen to the All Blacks performing a haka, read a translation of the words to Ka Mate and read information about the haka.

More things to do

Rugby's coming

Do these activities and interactives:


Explore Ruggerland and find fun things to do.

Kicking fun

Become a Kicking king and help Dan Carter or others to kick the ball over the bar.

Design a knee protector

Rugby players often suffer from knee injuries even when they are at practice. They need to be able to move quickly and be flexible. Design and produce a scale model of a knee protector that would be ideal for the All Blacks?
Send your designs to

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