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Aotearoa Adventures

Hey kids! Find out about the best country in the world – Aotearoa, New Zealand!

Know New Zealand

How much do you know about New Zealand?

See if you can answer these questions:

  • What is the name of New Zealand's biggest lake?
  • What is the strait of water between the South Island and Stewart Island called?
  • What is the name of the National Park in the southwest of the South Island?
  • Who was the first European to visit New Zealand?
  • When was the Treaty of Waitangi signed?
  • What is the capital city of New Zealand?
  • What is the northernmost point of the North Island?
  • Who is the current Deputy Prime Minister?
  • What is the population of New Zealand according to the 2006 census?
     A: 4, 100, 000
     B: 3, 200, 000
     C: 2, 800, 000?
  • Where were the last Commonwealth Games held in New Zealand?

Wish you were here

Your holiday challenge is to design a postcard that depicts a scene from a Study Centre area that you have been visiting.

  • Ask your Study Support Centre Facilitator for the name of a buddy from another Centre.
  • Email your buddy to find out about one of the major attractions in their city. Ask them to explain the object or place in detail.
  • Using the information that your buddy provides, use a drawing program on your computer to draw the attraction. Make sure you include:
    • a background in your picture
    • a description of the picture
  • Insert the picture into a post card template in Microsoft Publisher.

For an extra point: Design a stamp for your postcard which shows an icon from that area.

Find it!

Imagine a holiday at the destination of your choice, then design a wordfind that includes all of the items you will need while you are gone.

  • Use Puzzlemaker to design your wordfind.
  • Copy and paste the wordfind into a Word document.
  • Give your wordfind to a friend to complete.

Wiki's Kapiti Island holiday

Wiki is visiting Kapiti Island.

Design a postcard that Wiki can send to Ed telling him three interesting facts about the island and its unique flora and fauna.

  • Use a drawing program on your computer to design Wiki's postcard.
  • Illustrate the postcard with a drawing that tells Ed about Kapiti Island.
  • Write your message to Ed. Remember to include at least three things you have learnt about Kapiti Island.
    You could mention:
    • where it is
    • the flora (plants) and fauna (animals) that you can find there
    • the history of Kapiti Island.
  • Use this Kapiti Island website to help you research information for the postcard. For extra information check out Yahooligans and Ask Jeeves using the Internet.

Wiki's Aotearoa adventure quest

Wiki visited several places around Aoteaora while on holiday. Follow Wiki on her travels and find out where she went.

  • She first visited Rotorua and stayed on an island. Go to the Rotorua map. Find out the name of the island Wiki visited. You may need to zoom in.
  • Wiki also visited a maunga near Lake Rotomahana. On the same map, find out the name of that mountain.
  • Wiki then travelled to Tongariro National Park. She did a karanga from the top of Tongariro to the other two mountains nearby. What are the names of the other two mountains close to Tongariro?
  • Wiki then travelled to Waitomo, and learnt about the local area and the history of Waitomo. Who were the tāngata whenua to first settle in this area? Click here to find out.
  • Go into the caves section and find out four different names for these caves.
  • Find the information called "glow worms". How long does it take for a glowworm egg to hatch?
  • Wiki then travelled to Kaikoura. . She checked out the Māori history of the area. Wiki went whale watching and also found out about the legendary figure who discovered Aotearoa. Who is this legendary person?
  • Wiki then travelled to Aoraki, the famous mountain of Ngai Tahu. What is the name of the mountain range that extends to the valleys below Aoraki?

After climbing Aoraki, Wiki decided to return home. She had a fantastic holiday.

Web whiz

Create your own web page or interactive Microsoft Word document promoting an area of New Zealand. It could end up on wickED!

  • Research examples of other promotional sites. (Check out the links below.)
  • Decide on your location and start researching. Use the sites below to help you. You will need to include this sort of information:
  • The best thing about ___________ is...
  • There are loads of things to do in ___________, like...
  •  My favourite place in ___________ is...
  •  Lots of famous people come from ___________, like...
  • Where to find ___________ (include a map).
  • Where to stay and eat in ___________.
  • Present your research in the form of a web page or an interactive Word document.

Use these websites to help you:

Say cheese!

Your challenge is to create a virtual holiday snap of your imaginary vacation.

  • Ask your Study Support Centre Facilitator for the name of a buddy from another Centre.
  • Email your buddy to find out about one of the major attractions in their city. Ask them to explain the object or place in detail.
  • Using the information that your buddy provides, use a drawing program on your computer to create a picture of yourself at the attraction. Make sure you include:
    • a background in your picture
    • yourself in the picture
    • a description of the picture.

Dear diary...

Write a diary entry pretending that you are on holiday at the Study Centre location of your choice.

You could describe what you've been doing for the day or the week, the exciting activities you've taken part in, and the friends that you've made.

  • Write your diary in Word or Publisher.
  • Include the date and a description of what you've been doing.
  • Use a drawing program on your computer to draw a picture of one of the things you have seen, or create a ticket from a ride that you have been on, and insert this into your diary entry.

Virtual vacation

Plan your own virtual holiday! Your challenge is to plan a holiday at the location of another Study Support Centre.

  • Ask your Study Support Centre Facilitator for the name of a buddy from another Centre.
  • Use email, chat or the forums on wickED to ask your buddy for pictures and information about the area. You will need to research information about:
  • activities you can do
  • accommodation
  • travel in the area
  • main attractions
  • Use the information you find to plan your holiday.
  • Use Word or Publisher to write an itinerary for your stay. (Here's an example of an itinerary – it's a list of activities, travel and accommodation details in a day-by-day plan.) You need to include 2 nights and 3 days in the area with the daily activities that you will take part in.

Use these websites to help you:

Te hararei o Wiki ki te motu o Kapiti

Kei te motu o Kapiti a Wiki e tirotiro haere ana.
 Hangaia he kaari mō Wiki hei tono ki a Ed, e kōrero atu ana ki a ia mō ētahi kōrero pono e 3, mō te motu nei me āna kararehe ahurei, tipu ahurei hoki.

  • Whakamahia te peita (PAINT) hei hanga i te kāri o Wiki. Me pēnei pea te āhua:
  • Whakātatia te kāri me tētahi pikitia, e whakātu ana ki a Ed mō te motu o Kapiti.
  • Tuhia tō karere ki a Ed. Me maumahara ki te rau atu i ngā take e toru, kua ākona e koe mō te motu o Kapiti. Ngā mea hei whakaputa:
    • kei hea te motu nei
    • ngā tipu me ngā kararehe ka kitea e koe
    • ngā kōrero hītori mō te motu o Kapiti
  • Whakamahia tēnei pae whakāta o te motu o Kapiti hei āwhina i a koe ki te rangahau kōrero mō tō kāri. Mō ētahi atu kōrero tirohia te 'Yahooligans' me te 'Ask Jeeves', mā te whakamahi i te Internet.

Te mahi mātātoa a Wiki i Aotearoa

Arā noa atu ngā wāhi huri noa i Aotearoa, i tirotirohia e Wiki i a ia e hararei ana. Whāia a Wiki, i runga i ōna hāereerenga, ki te tiro i hea a ia.

  • Ko tōna taunga tuatahi ki Rotorua, ā, e noho mai ana i runga i tētahi moutere. Me haere ki te pae mapi o Rotorua. Tirohia te ingoa o te moutere i tirohia e Wiki. Ākenepea me whakarahia e koe kia āta kitea.
  • I tirohia anō e Wiki tētahi maunga e tata ana ki a Rotomahana. Kei taua mapi anō, tirohia te ingoa o taua maunga.
  • Ka haere atu a Wiki ki te Rohe ā-Iwi o Tongariro. Ka mahi a Wiki i tana karanga mai i te tihi o Tongariro ki ngā maunga tokorua tata tonu ki a ia. He aha ngā ingoa o ngaa maunga e rua, e tata ana ki a Tongariro?
  • Ka haere atu a Wiki ki Waitomo, ka rongo i ngā kōrero mō taua rohe, me ngā kōrero hitori mō Waitomo. Ko wai te tangata whenua tuatahi ki te noho i tēnei rohe? Pēhia te hītori ki te rapu kōrero.
  • Haere ki te wāhanga o ngā ana ki te kimi i ngā ingoa e whā mō ngā ana nei.
  • Rapua ngā kōrero mō "glow worms". Ēhia te roa mō te hēki o te noke whiti ki te whānau mai?
  • Ka haere a Wiki ki Kaikoura. Ka tirohia e ia ngā kōrero hītori Māori mō tēnei rohe. I haere a Wiki ki te tirotiro tohorā, i reira ka rongo ia mō tētahi tipuna nāna i kite a Aotearoa nei. Ko wai hoki tēnei tino tangata?
  • Ka haere ake a Wiki ki te maunga rongonui o Ngāi Tahu. He aha te ingoa o ngā pae maunga e toro atu ana ki ngā whārua i raro iho o Aoraki?

I muri i tōna whakaeketanga o Aoraki, ka puta te whakaaro ki te hoki ki te kainga. Pārekareka ana ki a ia tana hararei.

Te Rauparaha

Whakamahia te pae whakāta mō Te Rauparaha ki te whakautu i ēnei pātai mō ngā kōrerō hītori mō Te Rauparaha, te rangatira rongonui o Ngaati Toa.

I ārahina e Te Rauparaha tana iwi o Ngāti Toa mai i tō rātau papakāinga o Kawhia, ka whakanoohia e ia ki te takutai o Kapiti.

He Rangatira nō Ngāti Toa

  • Inahea i tae mai a Ngāti Toa ki te rohe o Kapiti?
  • Tirohia te wāhanga "Te Rauparaha" i tēhea tau i whakatūria ngā teihana tohorā e rima ki Kapiti me ngā motu iti e toru i waho atu?
  • E ai ki te kōrero a Robert McNab ko wai ngā ingoa o ngā kaipuke e rua i te moutere o Kapiti i te tau 1830?
  • He aha ngā mahi o ēnei momo kaipuke?
  • Tirohia te wāhanga "He ao hurihuri" He aha te tikanga o te whakahoahoangtanga o Te Rauparaha i te Pākehā i aua wā?