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Mana Pasifika

Islands in the sun – complete these activities to learn all about the Pacific Nations.

What's cook'n?

Your challenge is to add your favourite traditional Pacific Nation recipe to our online cookbook.

  • Ask friends and whanau for their favourite Pacific Nation family recipe.
  • Record the recipe in Microsoft PowerPoint. Add headings, pictures and colour for interest.

As an extra challenge you might like to make your dish for others in your centre.

Map it out

Oh no! A rainstorm has ruined Wiki's map of the Pacific Islands. Can you help her by drawing in the missing countries?

  • Download this map and save it to your My Work area.
    • New Zealand
    • Fiji
    • Papua New Guinea
  • Use paint to add the missing countries to the map.

Traditional navigation game

Navigating the Pacific Ocean before Western culture came to Aotearoa was done with the stars, weather patterns and knowledge of the sea.

Take a trip on this Wayfinder website waka and find out what it must have been like in those days to navigate around the Pacific Ocean.

What is the name of the island you arrive at?

Wiki says hello

While Wiki was travelling the Pacific Ocean she learnt to say hello in six different languages, match the correct greeting with the country.

Rarotonga   Bula vanaka
Aotearoa    Talofa lava
Hawaii   Kia ora
Samoa   Iorana
Fiji   Kia orana
Tahiti   Aloha

wickED waiata

Ed has been asked to organise a powhiri for his teachers. Your task is to create a collection of songs that Ed and his friends can sing.

  • Organise yourself into a group of three or four.
  • Use the Internet or ask whanau and friends for the words and music to a well-known waiata.
  • Use PowerPoint to create a new slide.
  • Write the words to your waiata on this slide.
  • Record your waiata onto PowerPoint.
  • Select Insert > Movies and Sounds > Record Sounds.

Time warp

While exploring his grandad's attic, Ed discovers a time machine. He carefully turns the dial to the year 2030.

Imagine you are Ed. You have just arrived on the island of Tuvalu and it's 2030. What effect has global warming had on the island? Record notes about what you see into your Word icon. Hand held computer (Word, 37 KB)  so you can warn people about the dangers when you return to 2002.

  • Use the Global Eye website to help you find out about global warming on the Tuvalu Islands.
  • Type your message into the hand held computer's digital display.

Talking book

Myths and legends are passed on from generation to generation. Your task is to retell a famous Pacific Island or Māori legend in your own words.

If you are at the study support centres, you will be able to join a phone conference, and listen to Wiremu Grace retell a famous Pacific Island or Māori legend.

  • Listen to the legend retold by Wiremu Grace.
  • Organise yourself into a group of four.
  • Ask each team member to illustrate one scene in the story.
  • Use PowerPoint to record your group's story as a talking book.
  • Create a new PowerPoint presentation with four or five slides.
  • Insert the illustrations your team has created into the slides.
  • Add narration to each slide. Select Insert > Movies and Sounds > Record Sounds.
  • Create a title page for your PowerPoint.

E haerēre ana a Wiki i Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa

E whakatere ana a Wiki i tōna waka, huri noa i Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa, pērā i ōna tīpuna i ngā wā o mua.

Whakamahia te pae whakaata o FactMonster hei āwhina i a koe ki te rapu i ngā ingoa o ngā wāhi i tau ai a Wiki.

  • I te tuatahi ka haere ia ki te taone matua o Tahiti, i roto o Ngā Motu here o Wiwi.
  • Kātahi ka haere ia ki te taone matua o Rarotonga/Ngā Kuki Airāni.
  • Ka whiti atu ki te taone matua o Niue.
  • Tae atu ki Whītī, ki te taone matua o reira.
  • Ka haere ia ki Tokerau ki te tiro i tētahi moutere, ko tōna ingoa e tīmata ana me te pū 'A'.

Ngā Tā moko tawhito o Hamoa

I te wā i Hamoa a Wiki, ka kite a ia i te nui o te tangata e mau ana i ngā ta moko.

  • Hangāia tōu ake moko.
  • Mā te whakamahi i tēnei pae whakaata whakautuhia ēnei pātai mō ngā tā moko o Hamoa.
    • He aha te ingoa ake o te tā moko e mau ana i te tane?
    • He aha te ingoa ake o te tā moko e mau ana i te wahine?
  • Whakamahia ngā taputapu peita ki te hanga i tō tā moko.

Gone shopping

Ed has been asked to buy the food for a family umu. When he reaches the market he finds out he can't read the shopping list because it was written in Samoan. Can you help Ed translate it?

Word icon. Shopping List (Word, 36 KB)

  • Use the Samoan dictionary to help you translate the words. Please note: this dictionary does not necessarily represent the current position of the New Zealand or Samoan Ministries of Education and is to be used at teachers' discretion.

    (Please note: This dictionary does not necessarily represent the current position of the New Zealand or Samoan Ministries of Education and is to be used at teachers' discretion.)

More people have arrived for lunch. Ed will need to double the amount of food he buys. Can you adjust the list for him?

  • Change the quantities on your translated list.

Proudly Pacific

Your challenge is to design a flag that represents all the Pacific Island nations.

  • Check out the World Flag Database for ideas for your flag.
  • Design your flag in paint.
  • Write a caption underneath the flag, explaining your design.

Pacific style

Can you design a traditional siapo pattern for Tipani's new lavalava?

  • Create a large rectangle in paint. This will be the outline of the lavalava.
  • Draw your design and colour the lavalava. Look at the siapo/tapa patterns on this website for ideas.

Tā moko

Use the paint tool to colour the moko for this wheku, (Māori mask). Take a look at this Tā Moko website to help with ideas for your moko.

Whakamahi te tohu Peita kia whakataangia tēnei wheku. Tirohia tānei paewhakaata Ta Moko hei awhina i a koe.

He kēmu whakatere nō mai rā anō. Kotahi te piro mō tēnei mahinga

I mua i te taenga mai o ngā tikanga o te hauauru ki Aotearoa, whakaterehia ai te moana-nui-a-Kiwa mā ngā whetu, mā ngā tohu huarere, me ngā mōhiotangā ki te moana.

Whakahaerengia he haerenga māu i runga i te pae whakaata o Wayfinder, ki te tiro i pēhea rawa te haere o te hunga o aua wā rā, i a rātau e whakatere ana i te moana-nui-a-Kiwa.

Kia ora ra, te kī a Wiki

I a Wiki e hurihuri ana i te moana-nui-a-Kiwa, ka mōhio a ia ki te kia ora atu i roto i ngā momo reo e ono, honoa te kōrero ki te moutere e tika ana.

Rarotonga   Bula vanaka
Aotearoa    Talofa lava
Hawaii   Kia ora
Hamoa   Iorana
Whītī   Kia orana
Tahiti   Aloha

First haircut

Wiki has been invited to her cousin's hair-cutting ceremony in Niue. She is not sure what it will be like and is a little nervous. Can you write a postcard to Wiki, which includes five facts about the ceremony?

  • Use paint to create your postcard outline. Draw a picture of something about Niue on one side of the postcard. Leave the other side blank. Save your postcard.
  • Insert the postcard into Word (Insert > Picture > From File).
  • Insert a text box into the blank space of your postcard.
  • Write five facts about the ceremony. Use the School Journal article First haircut (Part 4 No3 1998) for help.

A night with the stars

Tipani is so excited! She has been invited backstage at the première (opening) of a new movie. She knows there will be heaps of famous people there, including former All Black Jonah Lomu and Olympic gold medallist Valarie Adams.

You have been asked to make the identification cards the celebrities will use at the première.

  • Check out this Word icon. Identification Card (Word, 30 KB)
  • Follow this layout when you create your own design.
  • Choose a celebrity from the list above.
  • Record the information about the celebrity on the identification card.
  • Create a picture of the celebrity in paint.

Wiki travels around the Pacific

Wiki is navigating her way around the Pacific in a double hulled canoe like her Polynesian ancestors did many years ago.

Use the FactMonster website to help you find the names of the places she visited.

  • First she travelled to the capital city of Tahiti in French Polynesia.
  • Then she visited the capital city of Rarotonga / The Cook Islands.
  • She then sailed to the capital city of Niue
  • Then she sailed to Fiji and visited the capital city there.
  • She travelled to Tokelau and visited an island starting with the letter A.

Traditional Samoan tattoo

While Wiki was in Samoa she saw the traditional tattoo worn by many people.

  • Design your own tattoo.
  • Using this website answer these questions about traditional Samoan tattoo.
    • What is the name of a traditional Samoan tattoo worn by a man?
    • What is the name of a traditional Samoan tattoo worn by a woman?
  • Using the paint tools create your design.

Tā Moko

Go to this website and see if you can find answers to these questions:

  • Origins: Who was responsible for bringing moko to this world? Who is the partner of Ranginui?
  • Moko messages: What can the moko represent?
  • Geneology: What does the word hapu mean?
  • Qualification: Who sought the gift of knowledge?