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Kia ora! Find out more about the Māori New Year - Matariki.


Did you know that New Year is not always celebrated on the first of January? Matariki, or the Māori New Year is celebrated in mid to late June.

Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in winter around late May or early June. 

The festival of Matariki begins when the first new moon occurs along with the appearance of the star cluster Matariki (Pleiades, or Seven Sisters), in the eastern sky before dawn.

Matariki marks the end of the traditional harvest and the beginning of the "new year" planting season. It is a time of feasting, fun, and festivity.

Matariki has become a fixed event on New Zealand's calendar.

Matariki interactive.

Find out about the Matariki star constellation in this Matariki interactive.

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Find out about Matariki.

Create a fact sheet with ten facts about Matariki.

Design your own poster to advertise Matariki.
You need to include:

  • the star cluster
  • the mythology
  • the time of year.

Matariki resources

Find stories that explain the origins of Matariki.

Retell the one that you like best in own words.