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The Sea

Dive into these activities based around the sea.

Conservation poster

Do you remember how Ed found Kekeno the seal? Kekeno's mother had been caught in a net and drowned. We have lots of unique coastal animals that are becoming endangered. Help to save them!

  • Find out about these endangered species.
    • Hoiho
    • New Zealand dotterel
    • Hector's dolphin
    • Albatross
  • Design a conservation poster about one of the endangered species. Include the following information:
    • how they are unique
    • how to conserve them
    • a picture of the creature
    • a catchy slogan about the creature.

Rocky shore quiz

Create a 10-question quiz about the rocky shore. Use facts from the rocky shore guide.

My research project

Open this research project sheet.

Choose a marine animal that you want to know more about.

  • Set three questions you want to know about your animal.
  •  Research to find the answers to your questions about the animal.
  • Present your information in interesting ways.

Looking at the seashore

There are some interesting on and near the seashore. Look at the pictures and complete the activity.

  • Look at the picture on P4 and 5 and name eight seashore creatures. Write them in the spaces below the picture.

Whataitai and Ngake - Te Whanganui-ā-Tara

Whātaitai and Ngake are two taniwha who lived in the Wellington area. Read the story about the two taniwha and their escapades.

  • Use Paint, another drawing program, or paper to draw pictures of the two taniwha.
  • Give your picture an interesting title.
  • Make a list of the main differences between them using contrasting action words that describe each of the taniwha.
  • Scan your picture.

Takutai moana

Nā te tangata i pā kinohia i ngā punaha roropi i te takutai moana o Aotearoa nei.

Whakamahi tēnei paewhakaata kia rapuhia ai i ngā take e whā mō te ngarotanga o ngā kaimoana.

Whakahua mai ngā tikanga e whā kia taea e tātou te tiaki pai i te takutai moana.


Name the parts

Find out all about the different parts of fish and sharks.

  • Read the definitions.
  • Print out the pages.
  • Label and colour the diagrams.
  • Check your answers for fish and sharks.
  • Scan your work.

Message in a bottle

Imagine you are a pirate and you want to hide your treasure.

  • Open the Word icon. Treasure map (Word, 72 KB)
  • Write directions to reach your treasure.
  • Open the website, paste your directions into the box, then press scramble to create your secret code.
  • Copy and paste your code below your treasure map.

Octopus home

Help! Can you outsmart an octopus? Houdini the octopus keeps disappearing from his tank in the Westpac Trust Aquarium. They need you to design a new tank so he can't escape.

  • Read about Houdini.
  • Scroll down to the second page with the heading Design a Home for an Octopus, print out and complete.
  • Find more information on octopus.

Food chain

Create a food chain showing what eats what in the sea.

Sea creature

Newsflash! You have just discovered a new animal in the ocean. Report this breaking news in the wickED newspaper.

  • Open the Word icon. WickED news (Word, 43 KB) .
  • Draw your discovery using Paint, other drawing software such as Paintshop Pro or Photoshop, or on paper and scan it.
  • Use the space provided on the wickED newspage, make an interesting title using WordArt, insert your image, and write a caption explaining:
  • where you found it
  • what it looks like
  • what it eats
  • its name
  • how it behaves.

How fish breathe

Just like humans, fish need to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. But, they live underwater! We can't breathe underwater, so how do they do it?