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About wickED

Information for study support centre facilitators, teachers, parents and students about wickED, its purpose and its content.

What is wickED?

wickED is a quality-assured online environment for young people aged 7–12 years old. You'll find engaging curriculum-based learning activities in English and te reo Māori here. The activities have a literacy, numeracy or ESOL focus, and students can use the activities in a independent or in a facilitated way. 

What does our name come from?

We came up with the name ‘wickED’ by combining the first names of our virtual hosts Ed and Wiki. Their friend, Pasifika character Tipani, is also part of the family and is always ready to welcome students in, and to invite them to share their work.

What's on wickED?

We have interactives in English and te reo Māori here, together with online learning activities and lots of student-centred themes and hot topics.

Our Place

In this area, you can find out what's new on the site.Interactives

You can find a great range of online interactives and learning games here.

Themes and Hot topics

These provide a bundle of learning activities featuring several curriculum areas and a range of thinking and learning skills. We include suggested activities and research ideas. Hot topics are bite-size topics featuring a current event or happening.

Kokona Māori

This is a great way to find the Māori and te reo Māori resources available on wickED. These include:


Read from our growing collection of eLibrary books.


Students can go here to find out about people and places in the South Pacific or try an activity in a Pasifika language. These interactive resources include:

  • Pasifika patterns – students can do an interactive activity teaching them about symmetry through tapa weaving patterns.
  • Survival on Niu Island – students can save two kids who have crash landed on Niu Island.
  • Pasifika Digital legends – students can read these digital legends based on traditional stories from the TurtlePacific. They have been selected and retold, in English and Pasifika languages, by New Zealand students. The translations include Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Fijian, Niue, and Māori languages.

Cool Kiwis

Our host, Ed, regularly meets Cool Kiwis and interviews them for the site. 

For Parents

This part of wickED is especially for parents.

For Teachers

Activities included in the wickED website may be aligned using the intent of the NZCurriculum or Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. In your classroom programmes you are expected to plan using contexts, concepts and levels relevant to your students. The activities in wickED may be adapted to fit in with those contexts and concepts for learning.