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Anzac Day

Have you heard about ANZAC Day, it's celebrated on the 25th of April every year?

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Ed, Wiki and I get up while it’s still dark and go with our friends and families to one of the dawn services around New Zealand. The dawn ceremony helps us all remember a special day in the history of New Zealand - ANZAC Day. Do you do this with members of your family or friends?

Try this wickED Challenge!

Here's a wickED challenge for you. Can you find out the answers to these ANZAC Day questions?

 1. Why do ANZAC Day ceremonies in New Zealand happen at dawn?

 2. Where is Gallipoli?

 3. What do the letters ANZAC stand for?

 4. Why is what happened at Gallipoli on the 25th of April special to us as New Zealanders?

We have checked out the Internet and found some places to help you with your research. Explore the sites, find the answers and email them to

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Find out about ANZAC Day

Here are some great sites that we think you'll find interesting. They have stories, information, media and pictures about ANZAC Day. Don't forget to check out your school or local library as they have great books and stories about ANZAC Day too.

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Find out about wartime heroes and heroines

Sometimes people do amazing things in wartime or have important jobs that helped to save people's lives. We often call them heroes and heroines. Read about some of the people who are remembered by history.

  •  The Unknown Warrior
     Everyone who goes to war is a hero or heroine in some way. We don't always know their names. This site is about the tomb of New Zealand’s unknown warrior which acknowledges this.
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Find out about The 28th Māori Battalion

Have you heard about The Maori Battalion? They were part of the New Zealand Army and first fought in World War 2. Check out this site, which is in English and te reo Maori, to find out about the Battalion. You can listen to the waiata, haka and stories about this famous fighting force.

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Things you can do

Make some biscuits

 Have you heard about ANZAC biscuits? You can find out all about them on this site, and learn how to make some yourself.

Try these quizzes

 Work through this quizz to find out what you've learnt about ANZAC Day:

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