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Samoan language

Talofa everyone

Practise these activities to help you learn Samoan.

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Pasifika patterns

Learn about symmetry through tapa and weaving patterns.

Survival on Niu Island

Help save two Kiwi kids who have crash landed on Niu Island.

Pasifika Digital legends

Read these digital legends based on traditional stories from the TurtlePacific. They have been selected and retold, in English and Pasifika languages, by New Zealand students.

O le Tala ia Sina ma lana Tuna

Read these stories that tell of what happened and how the people lived in traditional Sāmoan society.

A Selection of Colloquial Sentences

Practise these Samoan sentences.

Polynesian voyage

Pack your waka and go on a virtual Polynesian voyage just like the explorers.

Samoan Dictionary

Find the meanings and translations of words in Samoan.

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